Standards may be availed in hardcopy or electronically

standards subscription services

How standards subscription services works

There are two ways to buy and access Botswana Standards. You can either buy a standard outright, or you can subscribe to a collection of standards through our Standards subscription service. Contact our Information Centre team on any questions regarding these types and which would suit you better.
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Standards subscription service

It allows for fostering of strong and lasting customer relationships through a continual effective communication with the clientele which includes among others information sharing on developments in their sectors at regional and international level as well as updates on the new and reviewed standards. It gives the organization an opportunity to have a better understanding of customer’s needs and also gives the users a chance to appreciate the value of standards.
It facilitates effective distribution of standards that leads to growth of the customer base. Positive customer experience that will lead to referral and therefore growth in number of those accessing standards.

Subscription of standards improves uptake of standards to some extent, which will lead to improved distribution of standards over time, and provides an avenue for determining the standardization needs of the industry.

The two distribution methods that have been identified are complete collection and sector specific.
The subscription method allows subscribing organizations to access standards in soft copies.
Standards may be availed in hardcopy or electronically

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