Standards may be availed in hardcopy or electronically

Accessing & Buying

How to access and buy Botswana Standards

There are two ways to buy and access Botswana Standards. You can either buy a standard outright, or you can subscribe to a collection of standards through our Standards subscription service. Contact our Information Centre team on any questions regarding these types and which would suit you better.

BOBS has a portfolio of over 1,600 published standards to purchase on the BOBS Webstore. These can be bought is two formats, either hardcopy or electronically.

Customers within Botswana may call, fax or send an email of their requests by quoting the standard number as shown in the standards catalogue. They will be issued with a quotation.
Orders will only be processed after receipt of payment by cash or company cheque in (Pula). Money can be deposited into BOBS bank account directly and proof of payment sent by email. The account number is availed upon request.
For customers outside Botswana payment is by bank transfer (Bank Details) in US Dollars an amount equivalent to Botswana Pula, as per the quotation, payable to Botswana Bureau of Standards.
Standards may be availed in hardcopy or electronically

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