Manual application process for the SIIR


In order to import regulated goods into Botswana you need a certificate of conformity from any of the recognized companies. These companies are represented throughout the world, but what is important is that you must liaise only with companies on the list. You will have to fill the application form, attach proforma invoices, certificate of conformity or test reports, proof of payment and submit them to BOBS. Each consignment/truck load costs P150 per product type. You can make submission in person and pay at BOBS or you can pay at the bank (Bank Details) and submit by email or fax. BOBS will process your application and respond in the same mode. Kindly indicate the port of entry and the validity of the certificate you desire.

However, if your consignment is already stuck at the border, you may apply for a conditional release certificate, for which application fee is P150 and inspection fee is P540 per hour per product type. This consignment must be submitted to BOBS for inspection prior to distribution. This arrangement applies only once.
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