Online application process for the SIIR

For online applications please access this link: Click here. Please open the link and fill in the required information. Before applying, please ensure the following:

In order to import regulated goods into Botswana you need a certificate of conformity from any of the attached recognized companies. These companies are represented throughout the world, but what is important is that you must liaise only with companies on the list. You will have to scan and attached the below documents. Acceptable formats are PDF, jpeg png and the maximum allowable size for each document is 1 megabytes.
certificate of conformity or test reports,
proof of payment and proforma invoices.
completed application form
Each consignment/truck load costs P150. You can make payment into our account and attach proof of payment. BOBS will process your application online and if there are no queries an electronic certificate will be generated which will be available to you and customs officials in the system. If there are queries, the application will become available to you to address the queries and you can then re-submit.
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