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BOS 517: 2013


Transport of dangerous goods — Operational requirements for road vehicles

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1.1 This standard establishes rules and procedures for the safe operation and handling of all road vehicles that are used for the transport of dangerous goods in accordance with the load constraints. The procedures include requirements for the consignor, the consignee, the operator, the driver and the qualified person as well as en route procedures, and cargo handling.
1.2 The standard covers the following three operations for the transport of dangerous goods by road:
a) loading of the dangerous goods, which is the responsibility of the consignor;
b) driving of the vehicle that carries the dangerous goods to its destination, which is the responsibility of theoperator and the driver; and c) off-loading of the dangerous goods, which is the responsibility of the consignee.
1.3 The requirements in legislation on explosives and on radioactive material shall take precedence over the requirements of this standard in the case of Class I – Explosives, and Class 7 –Radioactive material, respectively. NOTE Written operational agreements or arrangements to cover the loading, transportation and off-loading may be concluded by the responsible parties listed on the DGD, to confirm accepted duties and responsibilities, if deemed necessary by any of the relevant parties.

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